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Nevco was started as a communications manufacturers' representative company in 1965. The original owners have since passed away. The company is currently owned by Jerry Skinner.
The associates of Nevco Wireless have all worked for factories from Motorola, Wavetek, Maxon and Anritsu to name a few. This experience gives each member an improved perspective for the companies we represent and to our customers, the dealer, end user or manufacturer.
The relationship between Manufacturers and Manufacturers' Representatives is constantly changing and evolving. The business we find ourselves in today will most assuredly make many changes within the next few years. Internet sales, economic conditions and new technologies will drive this shift. Nevco Wireless Marketing Group recognizes the changes required to the business model and we are maneuvering to change as the industry changes. With agility, a necessity in today's marketplace, Nevco is poised for rapid growth and long lasting returns for the manufacturer's for which we work daily.
In depth customer relationships are the reason Nevco has continued to stay a leader in the Midwest. Nevco will continue to be a service oriented, technically agile, representative organization. Relationship Management is quintessential in our business, specializing in The Wireless Communications Industry.
When we look over the changes in the wireless industry over the last decade, we anxiously await, and look forward to the upcoming years with excitement and some trepidation. One thing for certain, we will aggressively attack the marketplace representing only top quality products and services provided by the premier manufacturers in the world.


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